How I journal

People like to journal in different ways and I’ve always enjoyed hearing what works for others so here I share what has been working for me.

Normally, I’m not hardcore into journaling, but I began journaling a more while overseas. It served as a way to preserve moments while also reflecting on what I’m noticing about myself and the world around me.

Having now arrived back home, I’ve continued the journaling style I had while overseas, and I’m doing it more often too. This makes me suspect I’ve found a promising practice for myself.

Here’s what it looks like:

I open my computer and open a blank Word document. I then type away whatever reflection comes to mind.

Sometimes I write a bit, go do some errands, then come back to write more. When that happens, I use a horizontal line to indicate the break in time.

I usually find that one page is the maximum I need in any given day. Often it’s less.

I’ve really like this approach. As aspect I particularly like is starting each day’s journal with a clean, blank document. It has an inviting feel to it.