Last updated: 18 Jan 2024

Back home and ready to work

I’ve arrived back home after some travel around South America.

I’m focused on figuring out what area of work I want to head into now which I’m figuring out through reaching out and calling people that work in my industry. The calls I’ve had have been a very positive experience and they’re still going. Next week I’ll start properly sending job applications.

Going to try ‘movement training’

I’ve been wanting to try a movement approach to training for a while now so I’m going to try that. By movement training I mean an approach similar to what Ido Portal has popularised.

I start my first ever programme next week! It’s mainly bodyweight strength training with a few “movement” exercises sprinkled throughout. My main goal at the moment is balancing a handstand.

Pause on Spanish learning and other stuff

I’m taking a break from intense Spanish learning and I can already feel it disappearing. “Nooooooo”. Oh well. But thankfully I’m finding ways to integrate it into my life. I’m watching a TV show in Spanish and staying in touch with friends that speak via texting and calls. In about a couple weeks, I plan to resume classes.

I notice myself reading a lot less which has been interesting. Everything I’m currently reading is on my goodreads.

I keep notes on the latest noteworthy blogs, articles and podcasts I’ve checked out.

Taking a break from Self Authoring. It’s intense and I’m enjoying freestyle journaling at the moment. I’m sure I’m come back and finish it and not right now.

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