My handstand journey: 2 failed attempts, 1 work in progress

Attempt 1

I first decided to go after the skill of a balancing a handstand a few years ago. The thought process that led me to that decision was roughly came through seeing someone do a handstand online, thinking “wow that’s cool” and off I went.

I joined a gym and trained towards a handstand 3-5 times per week for about 2 months. My training looked like lots of attempts at kicking up and balancing and a few back to wall handstands. I saw very little progress so gave up.

Attempt 2

Maybe 1-2 years passed, and I found myself interested in giving this goal another go. This time, I’d be smarter about it though. I sought input from an online community connected to the Stretch Therapy Community Forums. I was encouraged to try drills like chest to wall handstands and back to wall handstands where I practice pulling my feet from the wall through the force of my hands. Progress was occurring this time! But it was slow and I wasn’t enjoying the process.

Also, I became confused as to what approach to learning the skills was best. I had seen some videos of someone advocating for a chest to wall front split like handstand which was unorthodox but looked potentially promising.

However, lack of enjoyment and confusion as to how to program for the skill is what resulted in giving up a second time.

Attempt 3

Now I am here today currently doing attempt number 3. What am I doing different this time? I have put myself under the guidance of a trainer who has a record of students he has taught how to handstand. Although I told him all I care about is handstanding, he’s given me a balanced strength programme alongside handstand work. Mixing exercise up between handstands and other movements has kept things fresh and I’m moving in a positive direction. Stay tuned with this work in progress.