I now wear Naruto socks, here's why

One night in Cartagena, Colombia, I joined social event at my hostel hoping to make new friends. Little did I know that this evening would lead to a change in my wardrobe choices.

There was about 10 of us, huddled around a table playing a game where we try Colombian sweets and give them a rating. Amid the awkward laughter, someone stood out. I saw a guy wearing a t-shirt in the design of my favourite name, Naruto. We connected instantly over Naruto and boom, I had found myself a new friend from Mexico. Before I knew it, through this connection, I met a whole new friend group eager to have me join their adventures. Simply awesome.

Inspired by my Mexican friend, I’ve decided to express more of myself through my clothing. I now wear Naruto socks. Two pairs to be precise.

Here’s why I like wearing clothing that reflects who I am:

It feels cool.

Instead of wearing plain socks to the gym, I now sport Naruto socks, allowing myself to become a ninja of the Hidden Leaf Village. Instead of wearing a plain t-shirt out, I wear my Chilean t-shirt – definitive proof that I’m a badass traveler. Wearing these things gives a unique sense of empowerment.

Build instant connections with strangers.

Sharing common interests often leads to meaningful connections. But it’s not always easy to figure out those interests. Wearing those interests communicates them without the need to converse, allowing instant connection, even with strangers in Cartagena. So exciting.

It lets my friends get to know me better.

I’m the kind of the guy that likes to answer open questions with “good” and nothing further. A well intentioned conversation killer. However, by wearing something interesting, it opens up a portal to a whole different kind of fun conversation that I could ramble about incessantly. By doing this, it’s easier to share my joys with friends and we connect further.

In conclusion:

My wardrobe has traditionally been very simple, avoiding visible logos in favour of plain colours. While I still have this style to a large degree, I beginning to spice things up a little. Naruto socks could be the start of a greater shift towards rocking more clothes that represent my interests.