Boomerang desires

In recent weeks, I’ve been thinking about how I set priorities and discern vocation. Out of that I want to share one concept I find helpful. I’m calling this concept boomerang desires. Boomerang desires are desires that can be thrown out only to see them faithfully return.

In the world of life advice, I’ve heard it said that people should dedicate themselves towards doing what they can’t not do. I agree with this and think that boomerang desires are one great way of figuring this out.

Figuring out a boomerang desire begins with the throw. To use a personal example, I’ve had the goal of balancing a handstand before. But circumstances in the past led me away from it. My strategy wasn’t effective and I had other interests consuming my time. So I threw the goal away and let it out of my grasp, perhaps never to return.

Then comes the return. About a year later, my context has changed and I’ve noticed an increasing desire to pursue the handstand again. It’s almost as if, in some way, instead of me choosing the goal, the goal is choosing me. I think this is why some like to describe vocation as calling.